Westside Thanksgiving Celebration


  1. What do you need for the celebration that I can contribute?
    • We need lots of clothing, clean in good condition, especially men's pants.
    • We need food and drinks. (See Donations page.)
    • We need money to pay a lot of expenses.
    • We need people who can organize their friends and groups to collect all kinds of donations.
    • We need people to come work with us, especially the late afternoon shift.
  2. What can I do ahead of time to help?
    Start saving and collecting non-perishables: clothing, canned food, dry food, and money. DONATIONS. We need a few reliable, well-organized people to help ahead of time (Monday-Wednesday) to transport goods from storage to donation sites. Please email if you can help with transportation.
  3. How do I volunteer to help?
    • That's easy! Check the VOLUNTEER PAGE.
    • Wednesday we work from 8am to dark (outside.)
    • On Thursday we have assigned six two-hour shifts starting 6am until 6pm closing. Please call the hotline to get assigned a shift! 310.394.3153
  4. Can I just show up on Thanksgiving Day to help?
    • On Wednesday, that’s great. On Thursday it is important that you have called ahead and been assigned one of the six shifts so we’ll know when you’re coming! If you haven’t reserved a shift, you’re welcome to join us for dinner and see if we also need help when you arrive. Mid-day is the busiest, of course.
    • Thursday shifts are 6am, 8am, 10am, noon, 2pm and 4pm. Please arrive 1/2 hour early to give yourself time to park and walk to the Volunteer Check-in station.
  5. Do you need help before Thanksgiving Day?
    Yes. We need help planning and organizing, starting in September. We need help collecting donations starting NOW. We need your help with transportation and logistics the week of Thanksgiving.
  6. What time is dinner served?
    We’ll serve dinner between 11am-3pm. Then we’ll pack up and clean up until 6pm.
  7. Who is the dinner for?
    We welcome everyone: especially veterans, students, low-income families, seniors, anyone who is homeless, and anyone who is alone on Thanksgiving. Please join us as our guest!
  8. Who puts this on?
    You do! It's entirely a volunteer effort. Thousands of people just like you have been blessing their friends and neighbors every Thanksgiving since 1982.
  9. Why do you do this?
    The tradition of setting aside a day for giving thanks as a national holiday has its roots with the Pilgrims and is uniquely American. The Continental Congress, Presidents Washington, Madison, Lincoln and every president since have proclaimed a national day of prayer and thanksgiving. We believe that we are merely stewards of all the blessings bestowed upon us. We believe in showing our gratitude and sharing our blessings with others, and we love getting together with friends to eat and celebrate. Everyone is invited!
  10. Who pays for and supplies everything?
    Everything is donated by people like you. Thank you!
  11. Is my donation deductible?
    Yes. You can get a tax receipt at the event when you donate. Checks paid to "Westside Vineyard" (memo: Thanksgiving) or donate here serve as your receipt for taxes. Westside Vineyard is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, and your donations as such, are deductible.
  12. Can I help publicize the event?
    By all means, tell your friends. To maintain the family, community atmosphere at the event, we do not allow press, commercial photography, or videos, and we don't promote the event, except to invite guests to come and bring their friends and family.
  13. Why don't you advertise?
    We find that press coverage tends to disrupt the family atmosphere of Thanksgiving dinner. We do this as an expression of gratitude for our blessings, not as a way to obtain publicity.
  14. What about bringing children? Can they help too?
    • Many people bring their children. So many that we have a carnival in the morning to entertain kids under 12!
    • Some jobs are better suited for children than others.
    • Children often help their parents on their shift.
    • Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  15. How should I dress?
    Dress comfortably and ready to work outside. Morning shifts are chilly, unless you're in the kitchen. It can get pretty hot in the sun during the day shifts.
  16. Where can I drop off my donations?
    Drop Off Site Street Address City Zip Phone Number Drop Off Times
    Metro Cafe 603 Arizona Ave Santa Monica 90401 M-F 7am--5:30pm
  17. Directions and Parking
    There is limited free parking at the site. Car pool, ride share, or public transportation suggested. The bus stops on Santa Monica & Corinth.

    The event is at the West LA Civic Center, 1645 Corinth Ave., 90025, 4 blocks west of 405, 1 block south of Santa Monica Bl. Look for volunteers directing traffic to available parking lots, then check-in on Corinth Avenue at the Volunteer Check-in sign by the municipal buildings.
  18. If you have additional questions, contact us at: westsidethanksgiving@gmail.com or (310) 394-3153

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